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Unions are needed across our nation to protect our collective rights and to improve society for all people. Our goal is to showcase the strength of your union and improve the lines of communication between your members.

There are no upcoming events at this time

To keep in touch, we regularly host meetings and events to keep everyone connected.

Meetings & Events

Members Area

You can find the most up to date information in the members area. Please log in to download forms, view your collective agreement, and find contact information for your units representitive.

Collective Agreements

Find out your rights as a member of Unifor Local 1106. Each member’s workplace has a unique bargaining unit. Familiarise yourself with your workplace’s Collective Agreement inside your member’s area.

Union News and Events

Unifor Local 1106 loves to see its members participate in events. Become an active member by involving yourself in upcoming events and stay up to date with news specific to your union.


We hold a special place for past workers and members of Unifor Local 1106. Find out more about your retirement benefits through your member’s log-in area.

Unifor Local 1106 members can login to the Workerline dashboard for member only access.

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Learn more about the Union Reps with 1106.

We have hundreds of workers just like you that make up Unifor Local 1106 that are involved in committees, on boards, and are representing you daily. Learn more about your representatives in the Officers area. Click below for more details.

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